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These 3 calls were collaborations that Briana did with fellow Call Makers!

Comments from the call makers and hunters!

Timothy Oldham Jr.: Great job Briana! I know you put in a lot of time and effort to pull this off. You did amazing and it was a true success - Thank You!

Daron Bohn: Thank you to all the buyers and to our call making community for your support of the National Wild Turkey Federation!!! And, a very special THANK YOU to Briana Alley for her countless hours of dedication in making this event a big success!!!! Briana, you have done a marvelous job!!!!! With everyone's help, we'll make sure the NWTF continues to be the premier organization dedicated to wildlife and habitat conservation and the preservation of our shared hunting heritage. NWTF has long been the home to the great American folk art of game call making. Thanks again, everyone!!!

Earl Duckett: Briana you have done a great job organizing this call auction. I know that this effort took hours and hours of work on your part. Thank you for everything you have done, for recognizing the need to reach out to the call making community so that they could support this great organization in this way. You are a dedicated, great, hard-working volunteer for the NWTF and a friend fof the entire call making community. I am proud of you my friend. Congratulations for pulling this exciting event off.

Dave Hemmingsen: Your package is on the way to reward you for all your hard work on this NWTF custom call project. Thank you for all you do.

Mike Davis: Your part was very professionally done..... everything clicked and thanks for finding the 18% overcharge and getting it corrected to 10%!!!!!!! All these accolades to you are really an understatement for all the time and energy you’ve invested in this auction.....YOU ARE A SUPERWOMAN ....Linda Evans ain’t got nothing on you!!!!!!

Mike Robare: Great job. Alot of hard work paid off. Thanks.

Tim Reichl: That's awesome thank you for your help in keeping the NWTF going!!

Kevin Rouse: Awesome job Briana and to everyone who purchased and donated to this amazing organization. Grateful to be just a small part of it.

Briana Alley: NWTF Strong!!! Custom Call Makers 4 Life! Friendships forEver!

Ralph Martone: Great job! All your hard work paid off in a big way.

Rich Buker: Great work !

Pete Muller: Outstanding work!! Thanks for all that you do for the NWTF!

Randy Wilson: Go girlfriend,you did a great job

Dennis Strawbridge: Great job Brianna I know you did a lot of work over a long time dealing with many people. You did it all with lots of professionalism and expertise. I'm just surprised at the number of call makers who did not participate especially the many people from my home state of Pennsylvania! Thanks again for everything you did to make this us profitable rewarding experience!

Steven Hart: Briana thank you for all your hard work and effort you did on this auction you done a wonderful job from all us call builders collectors and hunters. THANKYOU

Larry Foothills Calls: Thank you Briana for ALL your hard work and time spent on this great cause ...you are awesome !

Rod Bauer: Wow! Just wow! Sorry for all the BS regardless Yu did a super GREAT JOB. THANKS

Mervin Fisher: Awesome job. Thank you for all you hard work.

Bo Baldwin: You’re definitely tackling the huge task with passion and heart!! Thanks for sharing.

Dustin Holzman: You rock!!!
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