Call Making Enthusiast


Custom Call Making Enthusiast

In 2017, Kevin began working for the NWTF as a website developer. At the February 2018 NWTF Convention, Briana went along with Kevin as a Volunteer to help with the Calling Contest in Nashville, TN. Briana felt a new direction for her artwork.

At the 2020 NWTF Convention, Briana entered in her artwork that was a collaboration with Joe Slaton’s Owl Call. They took 5th place in the Decorative Collaboration Contest! In August of 2020 Briana started up an auction to help bring funds for the NWTF who had been struggling financially. She received Donations from over 100 custom call makers and raised over $17,000 for the NWTF.

In February of 2021, during the Covid Pandemic, the NWTF Convention in February was held online as a virtual convention. The custom call making contest was held later that year in early August. Kevin and Briana lived closest to the NWTF Headquarters in Edgefield, SC and took it upon themselves to set up tables with all of the call entries that were sent in. This was an enormous task for only 2 people to take on when it was usually a team effort at convention. After the competition concluded Briana gathered all the entries to store for the duration of the auction and did all shipping through her office.

Briana entered two calls into the 2021 GNCC taking 2nd place with her collaboration pieces with a Joe Slaton trumpet and 3rd place with a beer belly box call by Dave Constantine. 

Briana has enjoyed volunteering at the NWTF Conventions each year and hopes to continue for the years to come.